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The whole site of Arch is composed with two main parts: Arch online products catalog and some general technical information. We also include a brief introduction to our company and our contact information here. You can easily find the information in order following the links listed below:
Part I. Products Catalog
Filter Wire Mesh
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Common Woven Wire Mesh for Filtration

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Brass Wire Mesh
Phosphor Bronze Wire Mesh Galvanized Square Opening Mesh
Aluminum Mesh Industrial Wire Cloth
Five Heddle Woven Wire Cloth  

Knitted Filter Mesh for Industrial Filter
Knitted Wire Meshes Demister Pad: Gas high speed demister

Wire Mesh Filters
Wire Mesh Belts & Pieces Filter Discs
Pack Filter Pleated Candle Filter Element
Pipe Filter Element Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Strainers
Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Wire Cloth Filter Tubes
Mild Steel Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh for Decoration

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Woven Wire Fabrics for Decoration
Architecture Meshes Stainless Steel Wire Fabric
Brass Wire Fabrics for Decoration Aluminum Decorative Mesh

Perforated Metal Screen for Decoration
Perforated Metal Screen Slotted Opening
Square Opening Metal Screen Round Opening Perforated Metal
Micron Opening for Filter Decorative Opening

Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

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Balanced Mesh Conveyor Belt Single Rod Reinforced Woven Wire Belt
Double Rod Reinforced Woven Wire Belt Rhombic Mesh Belt
Compound Balanced Woven Wire Belt Chain Link Belt

Construction Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh for Construction

Welded Mesh for Fences Heavy Welded Mesh for Construction
Plastic Coated Welded Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Welded Fabric
Panels for Concrete Reinforcement Brick Reinforcement Mesh
Welded Panel for Reinforcing Floor Slab  

Expanded Metal Mesh Products

Expanded Steel Sheet Expanded Aluminum Sheet
Diamond Opening Expanded Metal Heavy Expanded Metal
Expanded Nickel Sheet Angle Bead
Plaster Stop Bead Perforated Metal Corner Bead
High Ribbed Formwork Lath  
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Chain Link Fence
Galvanized Chain Link Fence Aluminum Fence
Coated Chain Link Fence  

Wire Mesh Fence
Welded Wire Fence Woven Wire Fence
Cattle Fence Euro Fence
Security Fence Barbed Wire Fence
Razor Wire Mesh  

Fence Panel
Welded Wire Panel Woven Wire Panel
PVC Coated Fence Panel Expanded Metal Panels

Chicken Wire Fence
Hexagonal Wire Netting Chicken Netting

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Pre-Crimped Wire Mesh Quarry Screen
Sieve Bend Screen Wedge Wire Screen
Vibrating Screen  

Polyester Mesh for Printing
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Polyester Spiral Screen Sludge Dewatering Mesh Belt
Polyester Dryer Fabric Polyester Forming Screen Fabric
Polyester Bolting Cloth Polyester Printing Screen
Daily Use Wire Mesh Products
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Wire Products for Daily Use
Flower Stand Wire Mesh Bird Feeder
Plant Shape Garden Trellis
Wire Mesh Baskets Wire Mesh Containers
Wire Mesh Skimmers Wire Mesh Tea Strainers
Metal Wire Sink Strainers Welded Dog Cages
Wire Mesh Cable Trays Welded Wire Live Traps
Wire Mesh Shelves Wire Racks
Wire Mesh Partitions Wire Mesh Test Sieves
Metal Scraper Mat Fireplace Spark Screen

Window Screen
Galvanized Window Screen Aluminum Window Screen
Stainless Steel Window Screen Enameled Window Screen
Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh  

Fiberglass Mesh
Fiberglass Insect Screen Alkaline Resistant Coated Fiberglass Mesh for Reinforcement

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Galvanized Steel Wire Zinc Coated Wire
Black Annealed Wire Galvanized Fencing Wire
Binding Wire Stitching Wire
Loop Tie Wire Garden Tying Wire
Stainless Steel Wire Brass Wire

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Wire Weaving Looms Expanded Metal Machine
Wire Mesh Welding Machine Mesh Panel Welding Machine
Wire Drawing Machine Wire Galvanizing Machine
Barbed Wire Machine Razor Wire Machine
Square Wire Mesh Weaving Machine Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
Chain Link Fence Machine  

Part II. General Technical Information

Weaving Patterns
Wire Gauge Calculation
Choice Materials


Part III. General Company Info

Company Profile
Our Products & Service
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