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Demister Pad

Made of knitted wire mesh in stainless steel, brass, phosphor bronze or other materials, Arch demisters are for filter and distillation of thick liquids, gas, big particles or general uses.

Technical Info from Arch

Application and Types:

Gas high speed demister;
Thick liquids, for filter of big particles;
General use demisters;
High efficient demisters;

High performance but with low speed;
Demisters for distillation.




These devices are used to separate in the most efficient manner the very fine drops carried away by a gas or steam, either at a boiling stage, vacuum evaporation or bubbling of a liquid. In fact there are two phenomena, one mechanical and one physical, but no filtration at all since the size of the held drops has no realtion with the infinitely greater size of the pore or open space. The head loss or gas passage resistance is practically imperceptible, however demisting can reach up to 99% efficiency. A demister reaches the highest efficiency when the speed of a gas or steam ranges between certain limits.

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