Metal wire fences provide security for people and fencing for animals, road, railway and other public facilities. Composed of fencing fabric panels, posts and other components, we supply complete fence system. Processing of panels involved includes welding, weaving, chain link and twisting.
Chain Link Fence
Allowing strong dashing and offering excellent flexibility for feeding and fencing of big animals.
  Galvanized Chain Link Fence
Economic cost fencing for commercial uses.
  Aluminum Fence
Chain link comes in a variety of metals including aluminum.
  Coated Chain Link Fence
Plastic coated or vinyl coated fences in the color of green, white, etc.
Wire Mesh Fence
Metal fences fabricated from welded wire fabrics, woven wire or barbed wire for gardens, animals, farms and security.
  Welded Wire Fence
Welding together of wire meshes with zinc coating.
  Woven Wire Fence
Made of woven fabrics offering precise sizes.
  Cattle Fence
Knotted wire fences with uneven opening, specially for cattle farming.
  Euro Fence
European style wire fences for commercial and residential uses.
  Security Fence
For security of residences, sites and military facilities.
  Barbed Wire Fence
Barbed tape fences with galvanizing or plastic coating treatments.
  Razor Wire Mesh
In concertina coils, or welded together to form a sheet.
Woven Wire Field Fence for Breeding   Field Fence
High Tensile Field Fence - Features, Finish, Application
Fence Panel
Fence panels are the major components of the fence system composing of different materials offering complete different features.
  Welded Wire Panel
Galvanized or plastic coated sheets in certain sizes.
  Woven Wire Panel
Weaving types can be chain link, hexagonal wire netting or woven wire.
  PVC Coated Fence Panel
Beautifully coating offers corrosion resistance.
  Expanded Metal Panels
Due to the simple processing, expanded metal fence is one of the most popular one.
Chicken Netting
Hexagonal mesh wire netting makes ideal fencing materials for chicken, rabbit and other poultry feeding. Galvanized hexagonal mesh and green coated one are the major types.
  Hexagonal Wire Netting
Twisted wire into hexagonal opening. Straight twisted, reverse twisted or double twisted.
  Chicken Netting
Fences for chicken and rabbits. Galvanized or coated into various colors.
  Chicken Wire
Galvanized Chicken Wire, Green / Black Coated Chicken Wire

Poultry Wire Fence

We supply rabbit netting, chicken netting and other poultry wire fencing products.
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