Wire Mesh: For Decoration: Woven Wire Fabrics
The latest architectural wire mesh made of decorative weaving patterns. Metal fabrics of stainless steel, brass or alloy as facade, sunshade, curtains or ceilings bring brilliant modern style to the hotel, building and halls.
  Architecture Meshes
Woven wire fabrics come in beautiful and unique designs, for cladding, facade, partition and other materials.
  Stainless Steel Wire Fabric
Made of stainless steel 304, 316 and 316L. Lasting, beautiful, being full of modern sense.
  Brass Wire Fabrics for Decoration
Patterns include chain link and creative weaving with wire and metal rod.
  Aluminum Decorative Mesh
Aluminum and alloy wire mesh for interior and outside decoration.
  Wall Cladding Decorative Mesh
Arch supplies metal wire fabric and drapery used for architectural wall cladding decoration.
  Wire Mesh Curtains
Woven wire mesh drapery is popularly used as decorative curtains in modern architectures.
  Chain Link Mesh Curtains
Drapery for Architectural Decoration, Room Divider and Wall Covering
  Intercrimp Decorative Wire Mesh
Decorative Crimped or Intercrimp Wire Mesh, Rigid Metal Screen for Architectural Decoration
Wire Mesh: For Decoration: Perforated Metal Screen

Perforated metals make another trend of architectural decoration in a variety of opening shapes and materials. Suitable for many architectural and display uses. Compared with woven wire decorative fabrics, perforated screen sheet offers stronger and solid isolation.

  Perforated Metal Screen
For barriers, decoration, construction, autos, filter and other industrial uses.
  Slotted Opening
  Square Opening Metal Screen
  Round Opening Perforated Metal
  Micron Opening for Filter
  Decorative Opening Perforated Architectural Mesh
  Perforated Louver:
A kind of flat sheet metal supplied in certain angle. Used for building ventilation grille as well as decoration.
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