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Galvanized Steel Wire

We manufacture and provide quality Galvanized Iron Wire ( low carbon steel wire ) for redrawing and industrial use, mainly electro galvanized wire, hot-dip galvanized iron wire, tie wire, black iron wire, annealed iron wire, cut wire, etc.

Technical Info from Wire
  • Material: super carbon steel
  • Processing by drawing, hot-dip zinc-plating
  • Standard wire gauge from 8# to 24#
  • Thick zinc-coating layer
  • Super in corrosion resistance
  • Firm coating layer
  • Custom size available



We specializes in producing high quality galvanized wie and black annealed iron wire with gauges ranging from BWG8 to BWG26.

  • Bright Iron Wire
    By drawing the wire rod through a series of dies, the steel diameter is reduced and elongated, this process increases the tensile strength.
  • Galvanized Wire
    Galvanized wire is available with low carbon iron wire in gauges ranging from BWG8# to BWG26#. Galvanized wire is divided into electro galvanized wire and hot-dip galvanized wire according to processing difference.
  • Black Annealed Iron Wire
    Manufactured for industrial purposes, custom-ordered wire available in various gauges and special diameters. Please contact us with your specifications.

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