Made through expanding and punching, expanded metal is very economic due to the simple processing. Mainly applied as platforms and stair treads for constructions, also used as reinforcement for light construction materials and concrete pouring, etc. Expanded metal can be further processed into metal lath (ribbed lath and high ribbed formwork) for wall construction, angle bead and stop bead for plaster.
For Construction:
Expanded Metals in a Variety of Materials
  Expanded Steel Sheet
Offering different sheet thickness and opening.
  Expanded Aluminum Sheet
Mainly used as fence and decorative screen for architecture.
  Diamond Opening Expanded Metal
Learn more about the most common mesh types.
  Heavy Expanded Metal
Chiefly for reinforcement materials in construction.
  Expanded Nickel Sheet
For filter, decoration, machinery, air conditioners, etc.
Diamond Hole Expanded Metal Lathing   Diamond Mesh Lath
Arch, China supplier of expanded metal diamond mesh lath. Flat or V groove plaster base.
For Wall Construction:
Plaster Beads for Internal and External Uses
  Angle Bead
The expanded metal wings provide an excellent straight plaster corner.
  Plaster Stop Bead

Finishes and reinforces plaster edges.

  Perforated Metal Corner Bead
Made of Galvanized Steel Sheet.
External render stop and render work.
  Rib Lath
Diamond mesh expanded metal lath with a built-in rib.
  High Ribbed Formwork Lath
Hot dipped galvanized steel lath for concrete reinforcement.
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