In gardens, stores, kitchens and daily life, we can find wire and wire mesh processed products everywhere. We use wire mesh products for storing and holding of items, for separation of spaces, for sinking of wasters, for protecting ourselves from insects, for feeding of pets and animals. In one word, wire can be designed in various shapes, sizes and treatment for our convenience and uses.
Wire Products for Daily Use
Wire mesh can be fabricated into a large amount of wire products and articles for daily and industrial uses. Major wire fabrics involved include welded wire mesh and woven wire mesh. The finished wire products include wire baskets, animal cages, live traps, containers, shelves, railings, racks, grills, partitions, etc.
  Flower Stand
Galvanized iron wire flower stands or stainless steel.
  Wire Mesh Bird Feeder
For feeding of birds
  Plant Shape
Wire mesh fabricated for shaping of plants.
  Garden Trellis
For garden arranging and flower designs.
  Wire Mesh Baskets
Made of woven or welded wire mesh for holding of items or fruits.
  Wire Mesh Containers
Foldable containers or fixed containers. Made of welded or woven wire fabrics.
  Wire Mesh Skimmers
For skimming in the kitchen. Made of stainless steel wire or galvanized steel wire.
  Wire Mesh Tea Strainers
Stainless steel strainers for filtering of tea waste.
  Metal Wire Sink Strainers
For sinking in the kitchen or other sites.
  Welded Dog Cages
Welded wire cages in various sizes for feeding of dogs.
Wire Mesh Cable Trays   Wire Mesh Cable Trays
Products for Cable Wire Arranging and Protection.
  Welded Wire Live Traps
For trapping of mice, foxes, squirrels and other small animals.
  Wire Mesh Shelves
Wire mesh sheets for separating and shelving of spaces and/or articles.
  Wire Racks
Wire mesh racks for storage or separation of articles.
  Wire Mesh Partitions
Made of woven wire or welded wire fabrics.
  Wire Mesh Test Sieves
Made of fine or coarse woven wire mesh. For sieving of items, grains, powers, etc.
  Metal Scraper Mat
Scraper mattress in front of the door or hotels for welcome. Made of metal wire mesh.
  Fireplace Spark Screen
For prevention of sparks from the fireplace. Replacement screen.
Window Screen
Arch offers a full range of wire mesh against insects and bugs, chiefly galvanized wire mesh, aluminum woven wire mesh screen, stainless steel square meshes and enameled iron wire mesh. Standard sizes for window screenings go from 12x12mesh, 14x14mesh, 16x16mesh to 18x16mesh.
  Galvanized Window Screen
Most popular window screen with economic cost.
  Aluminum Window Screen
Aluminum alloy woven wire mesh for window screen.
  Stainless Steel Window Screen
Comparatively high cost but save money and time in the future view.
  Enameled Window Screen
Beautifully coated into various colors.
  Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh
made of galvanized woven wire mesh with epoxy resin coating.
Metal Mesh Wire Netting   Wire Netting
Woven wire net/netting made in China.
Fiberglass Mesh
Fiberglass fiber offers great corrosion resistance, strength, fire resistance and weather proof. Fiberglass mesh becomes more and more popular in window screen, sunshade and construction as reinforcement meshes for walls.
  Fiberglass Insect Screen
Fibre glass screen against insects or sunshade. Even decoration.
  Alkaline Resistant Coated Fiberglass Mesh for Reinforcement
AR coated glass fibre meshes can be used to strengthen the wall as reinforcement materials.
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