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Electro Welded Carbon Steel Mesh

Electro-welded mesh or nets
, in stainless steel or (A304-A316) carbon steel, pre zinc-plated, for a wide range of applications. The electro welded nets are supplied in panels or rolls. It is made with warp wire and weft wire fixing into intersections together by electrowelding. Arch Wire Mesh Product Factory offers electro welded mesh for construction engineering and other uses.

Electro Welded Mesh Panels Electro Galvanized Metal Mesh

Opening of Electro-Welded Netting: Square or rectangular meshes can be produced.

Standard electro welded mesh panels are supplied in sizes of 1000x2000 - 1200x2400mm. Including wire diameters from 2 to 8mm. On request we can produce panels and rolls with wire diameters of different sizes.
Approximate maximum dimensions of panels are mm 4000x2000 but do not hesitate to ask for special sizes. Panels can be made with spikes or trimmed.

Mesh Opening in mm /Wire mm
60x11 Mesh , Wire 2.85mm
15x105 Mesh, 2.85mm
100x11, 2,85
20x20, 2-2,85
25x25, 2,85
30x30, 2,85-4
40x40, 2,85-4
50x50, 2,85-4
100x100, 2,85-5-6
12,5x12,5, 0,80
16x16, 1
18x22, 0,50
25x25, 1

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