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Choose Materials for Steel Woven Wire Mesh Screen

Arch supplies steel wire mesh of all grades. Mainly made of three types of steel materials: carbon steel (high carbon and low carbon), oil tempered steel and magnetic alloys ( 410, 430 and other type of magnetic alloy material).

The carbon steel and alloy steel offer different features. Materials are carefully selected to meet the end demand according to their properties.

Low Carbon Steel Mesh:
Low Carbon steel (C1008) is frequently used in the manufacture of industrial woven wire screens due to its tensile strength and impact resistance. Low carbon steel wire mesh has a limited application due to its weakness in resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and corrosion. However, through several types of special coatings such as galvanizing or hot dipped zinc plating (before or after weaving), its corrosion resistance and other property can be increased to suit more work conditions.

Low Carbon Steel Wire Mesh Oil Tempered Steel Mesh for Industrial Screen

High Carbon Steel Mesh:
High Carbon hard drawn steel is used when resistance to abrasion and impact is required. The steel wire mesh with high carbon content has good strength and is commonly utilized in agriculture, coal, gravel, mining, sand and stone separating, sizing and sorting applications.

Oil Tempered Steel Wire Mesh:
Oil Tempered wire is specially tempered high carbon steel wire to provide greater strength and abrasion resistance, although its resistance to impact is somewhat lower than regular high carbon steel.

Magnetic Alloys: Wire Mesh can be made from various grades of magnetic alloys.

TYPE 410
The general purpose alloy of the martensitic class contains 12.5% chromium. Heat treated T-410 has mechanical properties comparable to alloy steels such as SAE 4130.

Type 430

The general purpose alloy of the ferritic class and the most popular of straight chromium (17%) stainless steels. More commonly used for wire cloth production, treatable but is more resistant to chemical attack and high temperature than T-410.

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