Arch Wire Mesh Products are organized into three categories: Wire Mesh (Woven and Fabricated), Metal Wires & Machines. Filling vacancies in industries such as precision filters, screen printing, security fencing, construction and engineering. Possessing about ten years of experience in manufacture and development. A professional wire mesh partner for international distributors.


Browse through an extensive range of wire meshes in various designs and styles. They will meet your most specific requirements for mesh wire, filters, fences and fabricated metals.

All operations and in-process inspections are the responsibility of every team member Every process is inspected and carefully under control. Drawing, galvanizing, annealing, straightening and cutting, redrawing, zinc plating and plastic coating make the major processes for wire treatment.

Scientifically and delicately designed wire mesh machines yield wire mesh woven, welded, fabricated, twisted and chain linked. In square opening, diamond opening to decorative patterns. Applied in production of woven wire mesh, welded mesh, perforated metal, expanded metal, fiberglass mesh, barbed wire, razor wire and much more.

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As we enter into our tenth year in wire mesh business, we look back on many successfully fulfilled co-operations, with satisfied clients both in China and internationally. Over the years, the outstanding skill and efforts of Arch people in weaving, welding, knitting and fabricating of wire mesh have made the difference…..You will feel it from the products illustrated on our website: wire mesh, filter elements, wire fences, industrial screen…..More about Arch


Discover how the wire meshes are made. Five typical weaving methods, three common finishes for the wire mesh and types of processing.

How to Choose Materials for Steel Wire Mesh

A wide range of selected metal materials that can even be custom made to suit individual preferences.

We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of state-of-the-art wire mesh products. We invite trade enquiries for quality products and at competitive price. The products can also be customized as per individual orders.
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Woven Metal Fabrics in Stainless Steel Welded mesh panels make popular reinforcement mesh
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New Products:

Arch new designs of Zinc coated mesh with Channels, Galfan coated welded mesh, mesh grid and mild steel mesh sheet.Contact us for custom made Wire Mesh Products from Arch China Factory.

Zinc coated steel wire mesh made with 100x50meshx6mm wire diameter. Designed with U channels. Learn more.

Weld Mesh made of Galfan Coated Wires, with designed size as follows:
Roll size: 84inch HIGH x720 inch LONG
Mesh opening size:4inchx4inch square holes
Wire gauge 10swg and 8swg

Please refer to the PDF file for details with top view, side view and section view. PDF

Metal mesh grid new design. Welded type. Illustrated with top view, side view and front view. Learn more.

Mild steel welded mesh sheets, 0.063 wire, 0.270 holes. Refer to the attached PDF for details.

Arch develops wire mesh with several non-metal surface treatments including plastic coating, vinyl coating and epoxy coating. The epoxy coated wire mesh window screen has tough and straight finish keeping the insects out. Learn more about the mesh, gauge and sizes.

Arch has rich experience in producing Architectural Mesh for customers. We supply Wall Cladding Decorative Mesh with soft and flexible design. This woven drapery is suitable for wall decoration in architectural designs. Learn more about the material, features and more uses.

Wire Mesh Curtains can be made with chain link style, pre-crimped wire or specially knitted woven wire in stainless steel, copper, aluminum or phosphor bronze, even silver or gold. It is used as ventilation grille, decoration partitions or shelves in high grade hotels and architectures. Learn more about the patterns and technical specifications.

Chain Link Mesh is a common structure used as curtains for isolation of shower room or wall coverings. This metal mesh fabric is made with high quality stainless steel wire (AISI304 or 316), aluminum alloy wire, brass wire, cooper wire or other alloy materials. Chain Link Metal Mesh is used for decoration in the modern architectures and buildings and widely used as curtains or draperies in house, screens for dining hall, isolation in holes, ceiling decoration, decoration in trade fair exhibition and retractable sun protection, etc. Learn more about the photo and application!

The pre-crimped wire mesh is also called inter-crimped mesh due to the reason of the crossing points of the wire are both crimped points. Unique patterns are achieved by arranging the crimped wire horizontally and vertically at different positions. Crimped decorative wire mesh is used for wall decoration, doors, ceiling and roofing decoration and various sites of the buildings. Compared with soft and flexible chain link decorative mesh drapery, crimped mesh is a kind of rigid panel or sheet, suitable for fixed partitions or isolations in architectural uses. Learn more about Intercrimp Decorative Wire Mesh.

Arch supplies micron woven wire mesh screen knitted or woven by stainless steel fine yarn for filtering and silk printing mesh. Learn more about Stainless Steel Micron Wire Screen General Information

Wire Mesh Screen Discs Also called wire mesh disc, filter disk or pack screen. Made of stainless steel woven wire mesh cloth or sintered metal sheet. Round framed or special forms spot welded bonding together. Can be supplied with or without edges or frames. Learn more about the patterns and technical specifications.

Aluminum Wire Mesh: Arch supplies two types of aluminum mesh: one is woven aluminum mesh in square hole, the other is Expanded Aluminum Wire Mesh in diamond or hexagonal or custom holes. Woven aluminum wire mesh is mostly used for insect screen. Learn more about Mesh, Thickness, Roll Size, Packing and Technical Data of Aluminum Meshes.

Perforated metal wire meshes make another trend of architectural decoration in a variety of opening shapes and materials. Compared with soft woven draperies and mesh curtains, perforated architectural wires are more suitable for many architectural structure designs and display uses. Learn more about application and technical specifications.

Arch supplies weaving looms for Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Grade (30 mesh to 400 mesh – 2800 mesh) and Industrial Grade (2 mesh to 40 mesh). Learn about Details.

Monel Alloy Wire Mesh, actually a kind of nickel-copper alloy mesh offers excellent corrosion resistance because of 60% min. Nickel Content. It offer also better heating property than common Stainless Steel material. Above two features make it suitable for petroleum exploring and ocean developing industries which require High Heating and Corrosion resistance properties. Monel 400 and Monel K-500 Wire Mesh are Popular in practical uses….. Learn about details.

Inconel alloy woven wire is made with nickel-chromium-iron base alloy material. This special wire mesh offers good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, oxygen resistance, good cold and heat processing and welding property. Inconel wire mesh has satisfying heating strength and high elasticity under 700 centigrade. Learn about details.

Diamond Opening Light Type MeshArch supplies two types of nickel wire mesh: woven nickel mesh and knitted nickel wire mesh.

Light weight diamond opening expanded mesh is easily bend and flexible. Suitable for making into metal lath and plaster base wall constructions. This type of Diamond Mesh Lathing is an important building material. Learn more.


General Introduction of Screen (Wire Mesh)

, also called wire mesh, is a large regulatory category of wire fabric. It is made out of chemical fibers, silk, metal wire through certain weaving methods. Screen has wide applications in the industry, agriculture, science and technology and national defense. Up to the most advanced technology, high-tech industries, down to daily life and culture, wire mesh screen develops simultaneously with the national economy, and plays an important role in the peoples’ daily life.
Wire mesh, or screen is mainly used in: Aviation, aerospace, printing, dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceutical, food, food processing and chemical industry. Mesh Screen has basically four functions: Screening, filter, Printing and strengthening. In addition, woven wire mesh can be used to make quarry screen in petroleum industry, as acid washing mesh in chemical and chemical fiber industry, and electro galvanizing industry, it is used as sifting screen for solid particles and powder, or as filter media for liquid and gas in the industries such as metallurgy, coal, petroleum, chemical, pharmacy, automobile, porcelain, glass and so on.

Historical Record of Anping Wire Mesh Origin and Development:
We hope to draw your attention to the contents emphasized in bold forms as we consider these information as the most important links.

According to the written historical record of Anping County, Anping Wire Mesh (Screen) started from XiaoHongZhi Period of Ming Dynasty. At that time, as described in the record, there were silk screen weavers in Tangbei village of Huangcheng Town and they had business friend with Asian merchants.
In 1918: Xu Laoshan, born in Xiangguan village of Anping, introduced production technology of metal wire mesh from Japan, and set up the first wire mesh plant in Anping.
In 1928: Anping City saw the birth of Mingsheng, Yongan, Tiansheng, Gaisheng and other copper wire mesh plants.

In 1937: The copper wire mesh plants were all ended in destruction because of the Japanese invasion of China.
In 1949: After the foundation of New China, Anping set up the State-Owned Anping County Wire Drawing Plant and four wire mesh (screen) making plants named separately as Chengguan, Youzi, Hezhuang and Jiaoqiu base on the collective-owned management.
In 1966: With the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, there was a sharp drop in production scale of the screen.
After The Third Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Anping Wire Mesh Industry started to recover.
In 1984: "People's Daily" and "CCTV" reported the development of Anping Wire Mesh (Screen).
In 1985: "1511 Loom" was successfully transformed: A signal that hence wire mesh production changed from traditional handicrafts to mechanical production.
In 1987: Screen (or wire mesh) development was listed into the national development plan. The first wire mesh products purchase meeting was successfully held at the same year.

In 1990: The relevant state ministries and commissions listed Anping as key export base of wire mesh products.
In 1991: The first enterprise with foreign investment was set up in Anping with the successful introduction of the Japanese shuttle-less arrow loom.
In 1996: Anping saw the construction of Grand Wire Mesh World, a project approved by the State Development Planning Commission.
In 1999: Anping was awarded the honorary title of Wire Mesh Native Land of China by China Hardware Products Association.
In 2000: The Business Directory of Anping Wire Mesh Enterprises was published.
In 2001: The First China (Anping) International Wire Mesh Fair was successfully held in Anping. Anping was awarded the title of Wire Mesh Production Base Area.
In 2001: The book “Anping County Wire Mesh Illustration Selection” was published.
In 2002: The construction of the project Hebei * Anping Wire Mesh Industrial Park began.

Recent Development of Anping Wire Mesh Industry including General Introduction, Wire Mesh World, Anping Development Zone, Favorable Policies and Service Platform Construction.

Metal Mesh Screen

Anping Wire Mesh Industry has a solid foundation and obvious characteristics. Anping wire mesh has a history of 500 years. The products fall into 6 major series, more than 400 varieties, more than 6000 kinds of specifications. About 13000 enterprises, 210000 employees are involved in this field. All kinds of wire and wire mesh equipment reach 27000 sets. The annual consumption of sheet metals is about 800,000 tons and about 4,50 million tons of wire rod. In 2013, the wire mesh industry output value exceeded 40 billion RMB yuan, the export value over 1 billion USD. The metal wire mesh and screen products are sold to more than 190 countries and regions. The amount accounts for more than 80% of China. Learn more.

Introduction to Wire Mesh Exhibition and the Coming 2014 Wire Mesh Fair:
From 2001 to 2013: The first to the 13th China (Anping) Wire Mesh Fair was held in Anping every year.  Attracting more and more domestic and foreign companies.

As the only professional wire mesh exhibition in the world, China • Anping International Wire Mesh Fair has been successfully held for 13 sessions. Every year about 20000 business people including over 500 foreign customers coming from more than 50 countries and regions visit the wire mesh fair.

On Oct. 22 to Oct. 25, 2014, the 14th Wire Mesh Fair is expected to open in Anping, China. We warmly welcome business friends home and abroad to visit or to exhibit at the fair.

Wire Mesh Exhibition Center

Anping Wire Mesh Museum
The museum was set up in 2010. Located in the Wire Mesh Exhibition Center, the museum has some restored models to represent the historical development of the wire mesh industry in Anping of China. Also a large volume of photos are arranged chronologically for a clear vision. Learn more.


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